Jewelry Care

Here at Luxurious Eye, we strive to provide the best quality jewelry that is meant to last many years. Knowing how to care for your valuables is essential and will help you get the most out of your collection - for a long, long time.
You’ve likely spent a lot of time washing your hands during this pandemic. Touched elevator buttons? Sanitized hands. Back in the car from the store? Sanitized hands. Back home? Washed hands. Received a package? Washed hands. With so much washing and hand sanitizing, your precious jewelry is feeling it too.

  1. Keep your jewelry dry:
    No matter what materials are involved, jewelry is delicate. You should always remove your jewelry when working with your hands or engaging in activities that involve chemicals or abrasives. Keep your beautiful jewelry away from: water, dish soap, chlorine, perfume and lotion. Why? Because of the harsh chemicals.

  2. Put your jewelry on last:
    No matter how tempting it is to put that gorgeous jewelry on right away, it's better to wait until you're completely ready. Whether you're wearing diamonds or rhinestones, the chemicals from make-up, hair products, perfume or spray usually contain harsh chemicals that can damage your jewelry. Think of your jewelry as a finishing touch for your look, that way you can avoid potential damage. 

  3. Store jewelry in a box:
    No matter how careful you are when wearing your jewelry, it can also sustain damage during storage. Often, this is from pieces knocking together. Particularly vulnerable materials include pearls, precious metals, and some gemstones. The best way to solve this problem is to store your products in a pretty jewelry box or you can put it back in our little pouch that comes with it.


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