2021 - A Year of Happiness, Health & Good Fortune.

Let no sadness come to this heart. Let no trouble come to these arms. Let no conflict come to these eyes. Let my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.

Keep safe from jealousy and harm, shield from ill intentions, and ward off negativity with our evil eye collection.

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Our Brand

What & Why?

The evil eye is a malicious glare given to someone out of spite, malice or envy, which brings misfortune, suffering or just general bad luck to the recipient of the look. The belief is that the malevolent look holds such power that it is able to bring harm to the person that it's aimed at.

People can knowingly wish negative thoughts on you, but the power of the eye is that some people unknowingly and innocently cast the curse on others. That's why it's important to wear an evil eye to ward off this curse and protect yourself.





I actually feel more confident with the evil eye ring on. Definitely going to buy more :)

Rana A.

Never knew about the evil eye before. I bought the necklace AND bracelet and I have been wearing them literally everyday. It makes me feel safe and it's fashionable!! Will be ordering xmas gifts too!

Melissa S.

love, love, love the 'simple evil eye necklace'!!!

Negar P.

"Absolutely stunning. Bought a couple bracelets for my sister and I and we loved it. So classy. I would recommend to anyone."

Victoria H.

Our Founder

I believe that everything done with a passion is done well. I find jewelry to be a form of expression, and a symbol of elegance. I have always aimed to create something beautiful, but powerful. Luxurious Eye provides an opportunity to express who you are, without fear.